About Tess:
I'm Tess, the official blogger and poster of Tess and Annie.  I am a teenager and the oldest of five children.  I love crocheting, crafting, playing my violin, blogging, and dancing.  I also love listening to music. :)

Want to connect with me?  You can find me Here on PolyvoreHere on Pinterest and Here on Ravelry.

About Annie:
Annie is my youngest sibling.  I crochet hats and toys for her, while I am babysitting her.  Sometimes she will watch me crochet (it's really cute when she does that).  Annie probably won't blog here (she's too young), but she will be in a few pictures.

About this blog:
I created this blog mainly so I could share the patterns I designed here.  Most of the patterns that will be published here will be for Barbie, but I love crocheting other things besides Barbie outfits.  I also will post about lots of other things to keep it interesting. :)

You can also visit our mom's blog here.

On the left is me (Tess) and on the right is Annie.

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