Monday, December 29, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

     Hi!  My name is Tess and I will be blogging here.  I am a teenager and the oldest of five children.  Crocheting, crafting, playing the violin, and dancing are my most favorite hobbies.  Annie is my youngest sister and she won't be blogging on this blog for a while as she is too young. :) I babysit her whenever my mom is busy.  While I am watching her I usually crochet things such as hats, Barbie doll outfits, scarves, accessories, you name it.  I love crafting and crocheting things for my siblings.  They explain what they want me to make, and then I attempt to make it.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to make it, or it might not even work out the way I expected it to. :)
     After discovering the art of crochet a few years ago, I found several blogs about crocheting.  Many of the people that ran these blogs also designed their own crochet patterns.  This inspired me to design my own patterns and share them with other crocheters.  So, I will be sharing my patterns here for free.  
     I will post once a week, preferably on Saturdays.  This blog will include, but not be limited to, crocheting, knitting, sewing, dancing and babysitting. :) 
     I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  I love writing, so there will be quite a few wordy posts. :)
     God bless and have a lovely day!  
     Tess and Annie


  1. Hi Tess,

    This looks like a wonderful blog!


  2. This is a very interesting blog--thanks, Tess...and Annie, too.

    1. You're very welcome, outsiderunner. Thanks for commenting!


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