Saturday, March 21, 2015

Annie's First Birthday Photos and Free Pattern Preview

     Hi!  Today, I will be sharing some pictures of Annie's first birthday!  I will also be sharing a preview of the next FREE pattern to be shared here next week.  Incidentally, it happens to be the gift I made Annie for her birthday. :)

We had a nice day this week, so, we went to our local playground.

We went on the swings,

Looked around,

And took a nap. :)

And now for the preview...

This little ball is perfect for little hands - Annie loves rolling it on the floor.  It is very simple and easy to make.  The pattern only requires single crochets and some minor increases.  

Next week I will share the pattern for this ball.  Until then!


  1. Tell Annie happy birthday for me! I will have to make the toy ball for my little sister, too.

    1. I will! And I'm sure your little sister will love the ball. :)

  2. This was perfect! Great pattern :)


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