Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tutorial: How to make a Romantic Tutu for Barbie (or any other doll)

     Here is a tutorial on how to make a romantic length tutu for Barbie.  It is super easy and works up quickly - there is almost no crocheting involved.  I have also made this tutu for 18 inch dolls.  Just make the strips of tulle longer for a taller doll.  Oh, I will be sharing the leotard pattern soon. :)
     This skirt can also be used as a lining for a see-through skirt or dress.  I have a Barbie dress I designed that has a very open lace skirt, so I used this skirt for underneath, and it looks great!

Copyright; This pattern is my own design.  In no way I have copied from anyone's pattern.  You may sell what you make from this pattern, but you may NOT sell the pattern itself.  Do not claim this pattern as your own.  All rights reserved, 2015. 


Size 10 thread (or you can use 1/8 inch ribbon)
1.8 mm hook


With size 10 thread and 1.8 mm hook, ch 100.  This for the tie.  You can also use 1/8 inch ribbon.

Cut strips of tulle that are 5 1/2 inches wide and about 12 inches long.  You should cut around 10-12 total strips.  

Gather one strip of tulle lengthwise in your hand.  

Fold the gathered strip of tulle in half.

Put tulle underneath tie.  

See the loop at the top made by the tulle being folded?  Just pull the ends of the folded tulle through that loop.  

Your finished result should look like this.

Do that with each tulle strip until skirt fits around Barbie's waist.  Use ends of ribbon or chains to tie skirt around Barbie's waist.  And you're done!  


  1. Will you post a picture of the skirt made for the 18" doll?

    1. Rosemary,
      I will post a picture of the skirt made for the 18" doll once I take a picture of it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. This is a great project for Beginners to do.
    I tend to work slow due to age and severe arthritis. I made 4 of these in less than an hour. I bought the tulle on a spool which made it go super quick on the cutting with this part. I did change a little on the tie, I chained 150 using metallic thread and then did a sc in each stitch starting with the 2nd chain from the hook. This just makes it easier for little hands to work with.

    1. Yes, a longer tie is easier for little hands to work with. Just as you did, I used a spool of tulle. It makes it a lot easier with the cutting! :)


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